Mi ricordo
Katarina Juričić
Carmen Fribbins

Introducing FEDERICO CINA Archivio.A digital space to share inspiration and explore.  A continuous discovery of new shapes given to Romagna’s traditional elements and folklore.

FEDERICO CINA Archivio is an on-going project that was born with the aim to create a connection between tradition and contemporary arts, to find out new ways of seeing and revalue what was untouched since a long time. 
A selection of artists are taking inspiration from our typical Romagna’s motifs using a different technique and research method to elaborate their artworks and give new and personal meaning to them. The collaboration invites the artists to deal with the folklore in a creative way and to establish a solid and time lasting connection to the brand and its values.


Mi ricordo

Federico Cina’s research

Mi ricordo is a project concerning found objects of a familiar archive. The union of different scenarios between text and photography brings back a unique nostalghia and happiness feeling.