Mi ricordo
Katarina Juričić
Carmen Fribbins

Introducing FEDERICO CINA Archivio.A digital space to share inspiration and explore.  A continuous discovery of new shapes given to Romagna’s traditional elements and folklore.

FEDERICO CINA Archivio is an on-going project that was born with the aim to create a connection between tradition and contemporary arts, to find out new ways of seeing and revalue what was untouched since a long time. 
A selection of artists are taking inspiration from our typical Romagna’s motifs using a different technique and research method to elaborate their artworks and give new and personal meaning to them. The collaboration invites the artists to deal with the folklore in a creative way and to establish a solid and time lasting connection to the brand and its values.



Sissj Bassanj, Pierpaolo Zimmermann

PLÖN is a video to project on white cloths. It recalls by shape and structure the traditional fabrics printed with Romagna motifs.
The multi-dimensioned space of the choreography becomes a two-dimension image, which aims to play with points of view and perception. Its bond with Archivio Federico Cina was possible by a strong value both parts share: the preservation of technicisms and visual extraordinary elements of tradition. 

Performance by Sissj Bassani and Francesca Pizzagalli
Video by Pierpaolo Zimmermann
Music by Alberto Ricca
Thanks to Camilla Neri and Donatella Cena